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Flat Roof Skylights -

Having a flat roof no longer means that skylights are out of the question. There are plenty of flat roof skylight options available to homeowners. With the selection of the correct skylight style and proper installation, you can enjoy years of worry-free and leak-free skylighting.

When looking for skylights for flat roofs think curb mounted skylights they are the perfect solution for your flat roof. Curb mounted styles do not require the standard 3/12 roof pitch to insure leak-free drainage. They can be successfully installed on a totally flat surface regardless of your roofing material and they can even be integrated with membrane systems.

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curb mount fixed skylight with flat glass curb mount venting skylight
Curb Mount Flat - Fixed Curb Mount Flat - Venting
curb mount venting skylight round skylight
Curb Mount Dome - Fixed Round Dome Skylight

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