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How to Install a Skylight –Instructions for Homeowners

Installing Skylights: About Deck Mount Skylights

Deck-mount skylights attach directly to the roofing plywood eliminating the need for a curb. Because a curb is not needed when installing skylights of this type you save money on existing houses by reducing the amount of labor, while on new construction you save on both labor and materials. Deck-mounted skylights offer a lower profile on your roof and may be a more attractive option for roofs with high visibility. Because a Wasco deck mount skylight needs the included rubber gasket to integrate with the shingles, it is best to install a skylight at the same time you are installing new roofing.

View deck mount "E-Class" skylight installation video
skylight installation instructions

Deck Mount Skylight Styles
deck mount fixed skylight E-Class deck mount manual venting skylight E-Class deck mount electric venting skylight
Deck Mount Deck Mount Manual Venting Deck Mount Electric Venting

View deck mount skylight installation instructions here (PDF)

Curb Mount Skylight Styles
curb mount venting skylight curb mount venting skylight
Curb Mount Flat - Venting Curb Mount Dome - Fixed
View curb mount skylight installation instructions here (PDF)

Installing Skylights: About Curb Mount Skylights

Curb-mounted skylights sit on top of a framed opening in the roof. The best way to describe the design of a curb mount skylight is to think of the curb as a shoebox and the skylight as the shoebox lid. The curb, typically built using 2x4’s is attached around the opening on the roof. The curb is then flashed to the roof, and the skylight is then slid over top and fastened from the sides. Curb-mounted skylights are typically a more economic option for installing a skylight on a new house and are often the best choice when replacing previous curb-mounted skylights. Their profile is typically more visible than a deck mounted skylight, making them slightly less attractive in some homeowner’s eyes. However, this depends greatly upon the view of your roof.

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